The Marching Dutch: Pinball Wizard


Tiffany VanGilst

The Marching Dutch season is underway at Pella High School with their show Pinball Wizard. The band started preparing for the show during their official band camp which started on August 7. Students who are in the Marching Dutch continue preparation by showing up to the school at 7:30 a.m. for morning rehearsal. The band department is very pleased about what has been accomplished during band camp and first period rehearsal.

“[I’m proud] that we were able to march and play the entire opener for our parents at the parent preview night,” said Jason Pentico, one of the directors of the Pella Marching Dutch. “This was a first for us!”

This year’s show “Pinball Wizard” is a rendition of the musical Tommy by The Who. The Marching Dutch will be playing three songs from this musical: “Tommy,” “Pinball Wizard” and “See Me, Feel Me.” The first set of the show starts out with a big pinball machine and a color guard member being shot out of the shoot, hitting the tarps that are shaped like hitters. Then the drill guard starts to go into a full game of pinball.

“I chose the show because it is one of my favorite drum corps shows that the Blue Devils did,” said Dameon Place, one of the directors of the Marching Dutch. “I really think the audience and our students will really like the music.”

This year’s competition season started with the Marching Dutch Invitational on September 23. The band didn’t compete in this performance, but they performed an exhibition show. The other competition dates are as follows:

September 30 – Urbandale Marching Invitational

October 7 – Valleyfest Showdown

October 14 – IHSMA State Marching Band Contest

October 14 – Mid-Iowa Band Championship (Ankeny)