Spooky Movie Review: Hush


Allison Clark

In the past year, I have started to slowly build up my scary movie resumé. As I have watched more and more horror films, I have realized that I really, really hate being scared. So, naturally, I decided it would be a top notch idea to write a review on a scary movie for the Pelladium

I decided to watch Hush, a movie that features a deaf and mute woman, Maddie, who is terrorized by a serial killer in and around her own home. The added factor of Maddie’s disabilities creates suspense that brings the movie to a whole new level. The movie is set at Maddie’s isolated house in the woods, meaning that help is nowhere near. The serial killer’s goal is to terrorize Maddie to the point where she wants to die. Hush follows the battle between Maddie, who decides to fight back, and the serial killer. Now I don’t want to ruin the whole movie for any readers, so I will refrain from too many spoilers.

In my opinion, Hush was an enjoyable movie, as far as horror movies go. It appears that the critics agreed, as Hush received a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie enjoyed a fair amount of success in the box office, making an estimated 1 million dollars. While it might not have scared a horror movie enthusiast, I was on the edge of my chair throughout the whole movie. I think as far as suspense goes, the creators of Hush definitely used Maddie’s inability to hear or talk to their advantage.

Looking at the logistics of the movie, the storyline, lights, music, setting, were all set up to create the most tension possible. Also, the actors and actresses for Hush were perfectly casted. Maddie, who was played by Kate Siegel, did an excellent job portraying her deaf and mute character. The isolation of the setting was definitely played out well. Overall, the choices made in production created an extremely the perfect concoction for suspense.

One thing that I appreciated was that the movie did not draw out the suspense excessively. Sometimes horror movies tend to drag on longer than they need to; whereas, Hush spent the perfect amount of time to build suspense and keep the plot moving along.

In the end, Hush was an enjoyable horror movie. It had a good blend of plot and jump scares. The filmmakers made very sound choices with logistical decisions as well. I would certainly recommend Hush to horror movie newbies and veterans alike.