Foods 2 Students Help Cater for Dutch Masters


Selena Quangvan

      Dutch Masters is a time to showcase show choirs from class 1A-3A schools.  Kathy Van Norden’s Foods 2 class has helped cater for Dutch Masters for the past two years and will continue to this year. Van Norden’s Foods 2 class consists of 18 seniors.

      “It takes a lot of effort to make the Dutch Letters, but the end result of knowing people will enjoy the food we make is worth it,” said senior Jake Bruxvoort.

      Foods 2 students are making Dutch Letters with their own recipe. They also help prepare the meal for judges and bus drivers. Foods 2 students also host a hospitality room for the bus drivers. This hospitality room is an area where bus drivers can socialize and relax.

      “I have had bus drivers who had tears in their eyes and have said that they have never been treated this way. I think it’s a great way to give them a break,” said Van Norden.