Pella High backpack ban explained

Pella High backpack ban explained

Drake Beard

Recently at Pella High School, a no backpack rule has been put in place. Students will no longer be allowed to bring backpacks into classrooms and are required to put it in their locker, in the morning before classes start. Schools across the nation have started to implement this rule, and many have started to question whether having a backpack is a student right.

Schools in Florida, Illinois, and Ohio have already made rules against backpacks. The main reason behind this new rule is to keep schools safe. In Ohio, this policy was put into place after bomb threats and school shootings. In Florida, after the Parkland shooting, schools issued the rule of no backpacks.

This year, the high school administration decided to follow these other states in hopes to improve safety.

“The reasons for saying no backpacks is for safety, learning environment and not carrying so much weight,” stated Principal Eric Nelson. “Classrooms were clustered from backpacks and would make it harder if we had to evacuate. Having a backpack is not a student right, and you are given a locker to use.”

Students at Pella High took umbrage to this new rule. There were many complaints towards the start of the year about not being able to bring backpacks into classrooms. Many students think having a backpack would be easier than carrying everything around.

“I get it, but I don’t like it. If we can bring it into school, why not be able to bring it into the classroom?” asked sophomore Joshua Miller.

Not being able to bring backpacks into classrooms can be a struggle, especially when students have lockers far from a class. Since this new rule has been enforced, fanny packs and other small bags are coming into style. Another solution is having students bring a clear or mesh backpack.