The Marching Dutch Rise Above


Rebecca Bonham

This year’s band show, titled “Rise Above,” is a concept show that is different from any show the Marching Dutch has done. The 168 member band has been practicing since July in the midday heat and every day, two weeks leading up to the beginning of this school year.  With a dancing soloist, percussion break, and a change in the frontline’s position on the field, the Marching Dutch are integrating new ideas into their routine.

The theme of the show, “Rise Above,” is about a young woman who has graduated from school and has a bright vision about the world. In the opening song, “This is Us,” the band is playing themes from the song “This is Me” from the movie The Greatest Showman. The second song, “Elegy,” is a darker piece.  The young woman is going through a rough time. The song ends with a transition into a percussion break with quotes from famous movies like Rocky.

Even when we struggle, we can get back up. So the idea was kind of a metamorphosis of wanting to be a more uplifting, more positive performance and have more of a positive impact on the audience,” said co-director Dameon Place.

Drum major, junior Lin Nikkel also thinks the show will have a great impact on the audience.

When asked about what she is looking forward to, junior drum major Lin Nikkel said, “The competitions! This year, there are some high points in the show that will shake people and make a huge impact on them.”

To be able to pull a show off, the students also must be able to work together and be willing to work hard. Each student in the band is required to fill out a “dot book” that shows their coordinates on the field for each set and the music that goes along with it. It takes a lot of time outside of band to fill it out.    

While preparing for competition, the band also does things together to build a community. Among these activities are section get-togethers and rituals before competing.

“We are a community,” said Nikkel.  “There are a lot of different people and personalities within the band, but when you put us all together, no matter how different we are or our problems with each other, we put them aside and we work towards a common goal.”