Emily Holterhaus on 2018 volleyball


Drake Beard

Q: How does it feel to be one of the senior leaders?

A: “I’m a captain for the varsity volleyball team.  The captains and I have to talk to officials before games. A responsibility of mine is to make sure the rest of the team knows where to be and what time. I have leadership on the court to make sure the team is focused.”

Q: What position do you play and how do you play that position?

A: “I play middle hitter, but I can play all around. As middle hitter, I have to block and hit fast tempo balls.”

Q: What’re your teams strengths and weaknesses?

A: “A strength is that we connect really well off the court and enjoy being with each other. Our team has lots of skill. A weakness is having court awareness and knowing what to do with the ball.”

Q: Do you plan on playing volleyball in college? Have you committed to a school?

A: “The first signing date is November 14. I chose UNI because the coaching staff cares about their athletes and the success of the team. I am familiar with school because my parents and siblings all went there. I do plan on playing volleyball in college. The volleyball team is very competitive, and they have been in the NCAA tournament in recent years.”