Q and A with Lindsey Blommers


Luci Laidlaw

Q. What have been the high points of your season?
A. Some high points from the season are that this is my senior year so it’s been fun to be a leader this year and have a team that looks up to me. This is the first year NCMP girls’ have beaten Linn-Mar ever in a dual meet, so it was exciting to be a part of that. Another high point from this year is I was undefeated in the 100 breaststroke during the regular season.

Q. How did you prepare for this season?
A. This is my fourth year of high school swimming, and so I have a lot of experience. During the winter and the summer, I participate on a swimming club team in Pella called South East Aquatics, so that keeps me in shape all year around.

Q. What events did you qualify for in state? What records did you break this season?
A. I qualified for state in the 100-YARD breaststroke; the qualifying time is a 1:09.19. The district swim meet is this Saturday, October 27, at Grinnell College, and I am hoping to be a part of relays that will also qualify. This season I broke my former 100-METER breaststroke time swimming a 1:15.78, and this was very exciting for me because I broke it on Senior Night.

Q. How do you feel about this being your last season on the swim team?
A. Being a senior and having this be my last year is very bittersweet. Even though we have many practices and the practices test you physically and mentally, I am going to miss the team atmosphere and my coaches. All four years I have had a great group of girls on my team, and we become so close to one another even though we all come from different schools (Newton, Colfax-Mingo, Pella, PCM). My coach, Sarah Patterson, has also been such an inspiration to me in and out of the pool. She has taught me how to be mentally tough and how to embrace the pain and push through. I believe swimming is a sport that everyone should be a part of just because it makes you so much stronger mentally, and it teaches you the value of hard work. Those lessons will help you throughout life.