Blood Drive at Pella High

Blood Drive at Pella High

Katelyn Konfrst

Blood Drive

This year on November 8, Pella High is hosting the first of two blood drives this year with LifeServe Blood Center. LifeServe serves most of Iowa, including our own Pella Regional Hospital, as well as 120 other hospitals. Typically 60-70 students, staff, and other Pella residents sign up for the blood drive. To sign up for the blood drive, you have to be at least 16, be of good health, and weigh over 120 pounds.

Many people support and advocate donating blood, including Pella High’s Physical Education teacher, Megan Clayberg.

It is important for students to give blood to truly serve someone in need, create a habit of service for a lifetime, to think outside of themselves and give in a way that only some can do and to play a role in the saving lives,” said Clayberg.