Paloma Soria takes students to Quiz Bowl


Lily Pumphrey

Since its inception four years ago, Spanish teacher Paloma Soria has been bringing Spanish language students to the Spanish Quiz Bowl. However, since this is Soria’s last year teaching at Pella High, this year’s Spanish bowl was her last.

The Spanish Quiz Bowl happens every year at Central College.

“It is a state competition about general knowledge of the Spanish language and culture for levels II, III and IV,” said Soria. “It has four components- listening, reading, writing and speaking.”

During Spanish Bowl, students participate in several games that test their knowledge of the Spanish language. During the competition, students write stories, answer trivia questions, and perform prepared skits.

This year, Pella students secured first place in both the Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 categories. For Soria, there was no better send off.

“PHS students were able to place first and/or second place every year,” said Soria. “That’s a great memory!”

However, Soria’s favourite part about the quiz bowl is watching her students collaborate and learn.

“I enjoyed seeing their willingness to sign up from year to year,” reflected Soria. “I enjoy that they take the time to collaborate, rehearse and do their best.”