Thespians Festival 2019


Connor Gauley

Since 2010, the University of Northern Iowa has hosted the Thespians Festival, which is widely regarded within Iowa and its surrounding area as the go to event for young Thespians. The Iowa Thespian Festival is a weekend filled with performances, auditions, and workshops, taught by University of Northern Iowa professors. With nearly 1,000 theater students from across the state of Iowa in attendance, this two day event is jam packed with great experiences for the young Thespian.Each year, the Pella Highschool Speech team goes to the annual event, taken there by head Speech team coach, Suzanne Jones.

Jones believes it is important for young Thespians to go to this event.

“I think that it is good for students to spend a few days learning more about theater. The workshops are often taught by theater professors from across the Midwest or by theater professionals,” said Jones. “There is also a chance to compete and possibly earn a trip to the International Thespian Festival. The International Festival is in Bloomington, Indiana at the University of Indiana this summer.”

Hanna Kendall, a senior at Pella Highschool who is very experienced on stage, is very excited to return to Thespians Festival.

“I think Thespian Festival has improved my acting skills or at least has given me new ideas on how to perform differently,” said Kendall. “Seeing the different performances helps you see how many different methods and styles of acting there are.”

However, Thespians Festival is not just lectures and learning about Speech, but it is also an event with opportunities. Senior Colby VanGorp takes full advantage of these moments.

“My favorite parts of Thespians Festival are spending time with my fellow Thespians, performing musical theater, and enjoying the stage shows,” said VanGorp.

Thespians Festival will be occurring November 8th and 9th.