Staying Fit in Quarantine

Tatum Tierney

Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge - YouTube

So we are all in quarantine right now and a lot of us don’t really know what to do. Most of us are staying up super late and waking up super late, and our sleep schedules are way off. With that happening, it’s really hard to find motivation. We wake up sometime in the afternoon. Then we eat, take naps, watch TikTok or something and then we chill till about 3 am. It’s getting really boring, and it’s just living the same day over and over. 

Here’s what I think we should do, I think we should just force ourselves to do some sort of workout a couple of times a week. It could be a 10-minute ab workout, going on a run, or a bike ride with friends because…social distancing. I think we all know that no one is feeling like exercising during this time, and we are all super lazy, BUT maybe if you all get one friend to keep each other motivated and keep each other going it could be somewhat more fun and bearable. 

On TikTok I have seen many people showing the workouts they do, sharing their journey, or using TikTok as motivation to continue working out and taking clips from each workout and putting them all together in a video. Some popular works I have seen are Chole Ting and Pamela Reif ab workouts. They have different crunches, planks, leg raises, and so many more things are included in just one video.