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The Student News Site of Pella High School


The Student News Site of Pella High School


    Ali Fynaardt’s First Year Of Wrestling

    Q: Why did you join wrestling?


    A: Coach Hale told me I should, so I decided to give it a try and I thought wrestling would be good exercise and a good bonding experience. I haven’t done this sport before and I didn’t know if I wanted to join this, I thought it would be something fun and new so I gave it a try and I am glad I did because I have loved it so far. 


    Q: How are the older wrestlers helping you so far


    A:  They are really supportive and tell you things you can work on, and they make you feel good about what you did. Since they have had more learning experience in this sport it is a good way to see how they do things, and learn off of not just the coach but also them themselves. 


    Q: What are your team goals?


    A: Help each other to get better as a team and grow during the season. I hope we can grow as a team by all working together, helping each other out, and accomplishing great things this season. 


    Q: What are the teams strengths?


    A: Cheering on each other and helping them with constructive criticism. The team is good at teamwork and helping each other out, because sometimes we can be doing workouts and if someone is falling behind we will encourage them, we are good at encouraging each other. 


    Q: What are the teams weaknesses?


    A: Doing the running more together and not so far apart, so then we can all be at the same pace. Also not cheering on each other like we are supposed to, so I think that we could use a little more teamwork. I hope we can do that because it can be a great thing for the team for teamwork, then that will all help us do our part better.


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