Senior Leadership Takes on a New Meaning


Photo Credit: Marissa Dodson

The senior class celebrates their win while Homecoming King Cole DeWaard does the splits.

Wearing masks has become the new standard for everyone in the high school. However, the seniors have even more motivation to wear masks. This is their last year to experience high school. Most of them are sticking to the mask guidelines continuously, in order to improve their chance to go to school and sporting events all year.  They want to keep their senior year somewhat normal. 

There are multiple ways the seniors help promote wearing masks, but one of the most visible ways right now is during football games. The cheerleaders are required to wear their masks throughout the whole football game, even when they are cheering in front of the crowd. 

“It’s not ideal to wear masks at the football games, but I understand why we are required to wear them. It’s frustrating, but I will do what we have to do to keep our season,“ said senior cheerleader Jade Chapman.

Not only are the cheerleaders required to wear masks, but the students in the student section is also required to have them on. A lot of the students don’t love wearing the masks, but they would rather be at the game wearing masks, than not being at the game at all. One of those students is senior Braden Rowe. 

“I think it’s very important to wear a mask, so that we can continue to have a somewhat normal year and continue to compete in our athletics,” said Rowe. 

Senior Rachel Coppock agrees.

“I don’t like wearing masks at our football games, but if that’s what we have to do to be able to have activities like that, I am willing to do it,” said Coppock. 

Being a senior comes with leadership responsibilities. By wearing masks, it sets a good example for  underclassmen. Many seniors believe masks are necessary to save their senior year and for the safety of others around them.

“I think that as long as it’s expected out of us, we will continue to do it. Understanding that wearing masks are not only for yourself but others, is key,” said Rowe. 

Seniors just saw the class before them miss out on two months of their senior year, and they know that some schools in Iowa are going virtual or hybrid. Most are willing to follow the rules no matter how uncomfortable they may be. 

“I think it’s important for us to wear them if we want to have as normal of a senior year as possible,” said Coppock. “Wearing masks is just a small inconvenience to be able to have a normal and fun senior year.”