More Polarized Than Ever

More Polarized Than Ever

Nicholas Lyle

2020 has been a blast for us all in terms of all the craziness that has gone on in our country, and when it comes to politics, we have become more polarized in our beliefs than ever before. The beliefs of both Republicans and Democrats have gotten even more polarized than in the past. 

One example of the polarized beliefs of political parties is the issue of gun control. Originally, the Democratic side of the argument was more about enforcing current gun laws, but as time has gone on, Democrats have wavered away from that and are lately more for banning things like assault weapons, guns with high capacity mags, and requiring universal background checks. In terms of the Republican point of view; however, they have stayed more towards the side of enforcing current gun laws throughout the years. 

Another popular topic of political polarization is the topic of marijuana. Due to the increase of popularity in the use of medical and recreational marijuana over the years, both parties have grown more spread out in their views of how marijuana should be used. Most Democrats are for legalizing the use of medical marijuana, but when it comes to using marijuana recreationally, some Democrats say that we should legalize the use of recreational marijuana, whereas some other democrats would say that we should decriminalize marijuana. The Republican point of view, on the other hand, is a bit different in the way that they are more for supporting the growing of marijuana and against the use of it recreationally. In summary, the opinions of marijuana use between parties have become more polarized as the use of marijuana has increased over the years.  

In terms of healthcare, many Republicans and Democrats have changed their views due to many changes in healthcare laws and systems. With the emergence of the healthcare system Obamacare, both parties have their opinions on this new system of healthcare. Republicans believe that the Obamacare system should be abolished and people should have their own choice; whereas democrats believe that everyone should be required to have healthcare and that the Obamacare system should be required for all citizens of the U.S. In summary, both republicans and democrats have very polarized beliefs as our healthcare system/laws have grown over the years. 

When it comes to the dangers of political polarization, there are many ways that it can lead to conflict in politics.  This conflict can make it difficult for Congress to agree on a budget and can lead to government shutdowns.  Over time it affects the mindset of members of the opposite party. It may be difficult for one to see the people in the opposing party as human beings and see any of the merits of their position.  Finally, it becomes harder to solve problems in our government. In summary, our country is getting more and more politically polarized in the year 2020, which can lead to many dangers in these troubling times.