The Madrigal Singers


Laney Huff

The Madrigal Singers sing at the Middle School choir concert.

The Madrigal singers are three groups of choir members who go uptown to sing Holiday songs for the community during multiple different events. Some of their events include The Tour of Stores and the Festival of Trees. They started practicing back in the beginning of November, and the first group had their first performance on November 22. 

The performers run their own practices and learn their songs together, without much help. Although the choir directors help them if needed, it is student-led for the most part. They also sing all of their songs acapella, which means without musical instrument accompaniment. 

There are two groups that have singers from all four voice groups: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. The final group consists of Sopranos and Altos. One of the SATB groups mainly consisted of seniors, and they wear costumes.

“We all kind of have an assigned time that we are doing it. Some of us are just walking around uptown singing. We get costumes, so that’s really fun. They’re pretty jazzy, ” said senior Kara Chenoweth.

And even though dressing up may seem cheesy, sophomore Sam Miller doesn’t mind. He feels that when they are dressed up, they are in character, and they can spread joy that way. 

“My favorite part of being a Madrigal singer is getting dressed up, going uptown, and just singing,” said Miller.

The Madrigal singers are giving to the community by spreading the joy of the Christmas spirit. 

“We give to the community a joyous time. When I think of Christmas caroling and Christmas music it just puts you in a good mood,” said Chenoweth. “We make it feel like Christmas. It’s like a Hallmark-town feel.”

When they showcase their music, they are giving people great music and a great time. People come together to enjoy the music with their friends and family. The Madrigals give a good time and good Christmas music. 

“Getting into our group and people gathering together to come and see us and gather,” says Miller. “They also get to spend time together and just enjoy the carolers!”