Table Talks with Tatum: Alternative Paths


Tatum Tierney, Web Editor

In the movies growing up, it seemed like high school was going to be the best years of our life. That just wasn’t really the case for me. High school has been more draining than anything else which is why my path looks a little different. Going to high school for 4 years and going to college after that is the unspoken expectation. I worked harder and piled more work onto my junior year to cut my senior year off the plan. I am graduating a year early, and it was honestly the best decision I could have made for myself. 

I’ve had a lot of people comment about my decision.“Why not get college credit your senior year for free?” “You’re not going to get the same ‘senior experience.’” They are all valid opinions, and my answer is that I would rather pay to go to college longer and be happier than I would be in high school another year. It all came down to me wanting something different and alternative paths are always okay for anyone. I’m taking a gap year, and that’s perfect for me as of now. 

Some graduates get married or have kids right out of high school and put further education on hold; some don’t go to college at all. Every option is okay! I made the decision to take a gap year, to work and save money for college while taking online classes, including art history classes. Over the summer, I also plan to attend a pre-college in New York City which is going to be an amazing experience for me.