Meet Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber photoJunior Sarah Weber from Denmark. She is currently living with Sarah Peterson. Sarah plans to stay here for an entire year and go home when the school year ends in May.

Q: Do you get homesick?
A: “Don’t miss my family, but I do miss my boyfriend.”

Q: Do you play any sports? If so, what’s your favorite?
A: “Yes, I love to dance and do gymnastics.”

Q: What do you like most about America?
A: “The people are so nice.”

Q: What is different about school here in America, compared to school in Denmark?
A: “In Denmark, I am with the same class all year. In Denmark we don’t have every class in one day; some days we had literature, and then the next day we had math and no literature. I like America’s class schedule better.”

Sarah’s favorites
Food: Hot wings, or salad.
Singer: Rihanna. Sarah says she is amazing.
Class: She says she doesn’t have one yet, but she likes study hall.

•Corey Elliott ([email protected])