Fall Play “Don’t Drink The Water” Cast Listings

Jack, Aaron, and Tom AudtioningThe cast of the fall play “Don’t Drink the Water” by Woody Allen has been released. The play will be performed on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 and 2.
In order of appearance:
Drobney- Senior Tanner Phelps
Magee- Senior Aaron Van Maanen
Ambassador- Sophomore Mallory Wheeler
Marion- Senior Sydney Swanson
Kilroy- Senior Tom Palmer
Walter- Senior Jack Parisee
Susan- Senior Claire Anderson
Krojack- Senior Susanna Hall
Guard/Guest- Senior Greg Frommelt
Guard/Guest- Senior Nathan Clayberg
Guard/Guest- Sophomore Angelo Lemons
Burns- Junior Matthew Weihe
Chef- Junior Kody Beller
Sultan- Senior Alex Moore
Sultan’s Wife- Junior Olivia Kane
Kasnar- Senior Maria Belding
Countess- Senior Sarah Muller
Guests- Juniors Jessica DeWaard, Katie Finney, Chase Petty, sophomore Emily Masek, freshman Sarah Van Noorden
Tech- Matthew Sutija
•Sarah Muller ([email protected])