Breaking Bad Review

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One of the most popular shows to hit cable television, Breaking Bad; ended September 29, 2013. The AMC hit topped off its fifth and final season in a finale that left people in a sea of mixed emotions. Though I myself have not seen the second half of the fifth season, I can still say that I will be dreading the moment when the rest of the episodes come out on Netflix. While some people were excited for the new episode, others were sad that their beloved show was coming to an end.

“Breaking Bad’s” final episode drew its biggest audience to date. 10.3 million people tuned in to find out Walter White’s fate (USA Today). This jumped by a significant amount from last weeks 6.6 million viewers, and it more than tripled last year’s finale ratings. In comparison to AMC’s other major success, “The Walking Dead”, it fell short. “The Walking Dead” brought in a record 12.4 million viewers in its finale at the beginning of this year (AMC).

“Breaking Bad” began its first season in January 2008. It introduced us to the characters we have come to know and love. Starring in the lead role was the dad from “Malcolm in The Middle”, Bryan Cranston. He played the role of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher whose life takes a turn for the worst when he is diagnosed with cancer. In order to provide for his family after he dies, he decides to call up a former student, and cook meth. This former student, Jessie Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, ends up bonding with Walter, becoming almost friends. Throughout the first season we are introduced to the rest of the critical characters: Walter’s wife Skyler, his son Walter, Jr. who has cerebral palsy, Skyler’s sister Marie, and her husband Hank, who also happens to be a DEA agent.

Throughout the first couple seasons, Walter moves up the chain from small time meth cook to the “drug lord” we know as Heisenberg. We meet our main antagonist in the second season. Gustavo Fring, a man who seems to be the perfect citizen. He runs a fast food chicken restaurant, is in tight with state officials and is a seemingly normal man. However, Gus runs one of the biggest drug trades in the country, and Walter becomes his cook. Then, throughout the next few seasons, tension builds, and Walter wants out of Fring’s trade. All-in-all people die, money is lost and serious life choices are made.

The show is one, that unlike the popular shows of the past, brings to the table something never expected from a simple TV show. It brings a movie-like plot, with drama, action and hints of romance. What makes “Breaking Bad” break away from all the others is its ability to connect with us, much like the way “The Walking Dead” makes us ponder life decisions and human morality, “Breaking Bad” allows us to step into the view of a dying father trying to do what he thinks is best for his family. We get to see Walter change throughout each season from a timid chemistry teacher to a hardened drug lord. We see him make decisions that make us think about our own, and that’s what makes the show as good as it is.

If you haven’t seen “Breaking Bad”, you are missing out, so go hop online and get on board the “Breaking Bad” train.

-Chase Petty ([email protected])