What Rustles my Jimmies: Halloween Edition

It’s time for fright, candy and more annoyances during the scariest time of the year Halloween! Welcome to “What Rustles my Jimmies: Halloween Edition!” This edition will be pointing out more than one annoyance about this holiday of fun, sweets and freaks. Let’s point out some annoying Halloween stuff!

One thing I find annoying on Halloween is people who go out on the night of trick-or-treating, asking for candy without a costume. Talk about no holiday spirit! Halloween is about costumes not just asking for candy. Don’t break tradition!

Another problem that rustles me is that kids take advantage of this night of candy and terror to commit acts of anarchy for their youth. Kids go out and TP houses for fun, (covering houses in toilet paper) while the owners of the houses have to clean up the toilet paper. Darn kids, don’t be mean!

Costumes that kids wear are supposed to be family appropriate. I don’t think this would be annoying as much as wrong, but inappropriate costumes that make fun of someone or something that happened are not the best. It’s not only disrespectful towards kids, but also adults.

The final “Jimmy-Rustler” of this edition of “What Rustles my Jimmies” is… healthy snacks. Every year when I return from trick-or-treating, I always cringe at the healthy snacks I get from adults. Kids want candy, not the same old popcorn and apples. I want teeth-rotting candy!

Have a safe Halloween!

-Mason DeJong ([email protected])