Get to Know: Jessica Bangthrongsack



Jessica Bangthrongsack, a junior from St. Louis, Mo, is a new student. She answered’s questions.


How is St. Louis different from Pella? “The mall in St. Louis is 15 minutes away, while the mall here is 45 minutes away.”


What do you like about Pella so far and why? “I really like how the people here are a lot friendlier than where I used to live.”


What are some differences from Pella High and your old school? “Everything is pretty much the same, except that there is no bell to know when classes are over here in Pella.”


What brought you here to Pella? “My mom wanted to live with her boyfriend, and that’s how I arrived here in Pella.”


What do you miss about St. Louis? “I miss everything back in St. Louis. I miss everybody from my friends, family, and just being there in general.”



Food: Sushi

Movies: “Nancy Drew” and “LOL”

Hobbies: Filming

Music: Rap/Hip Hop


•Andre Hernandez ([email protected])