What Rustles my Jimmies Finale


Nice to see you reading “What Rustles my Jimmies!” Annoyances galore! As we end the year 2013 with favorite memories, we also remember the annoyances of 2013. I have covered loud trucks in the parking lot, sociology emails and the new lunch menu, but we add all the stories up for this one. An end-of-year annoyance even the whole state of Iowa can agree on: snow.

To some, snow is just a wonderful white powder of wonder. I, on the other hand, think of it as a death trap of terror. Snow will make anybody’s day from good to bad. If you think I’m crazy for thinking of this, you better just sit in the corner for a few minutes and think about what you said.

One thing is certain… snow is cold. No one likes being cold or receiving a snowball in the face. Brrrr….

Second annoyance: defrosting your car in the cold. Stupid window, stupid snow, stupid scraper. Worst part is that when your car won’t start, then you know you hate snow and winter.

If your car finally starts in the freezing cold, prepare for the third annoyance: ground snow. Driving with snow on the ground is not only annoying but one dangerous ride. At any second, you could slide into the ditch and then have to convince your parents real hard to repair your car.

Conclusion: This is not a winter wonderland of candy and joy. This could be dangerous and annoying at the same time. I’ve had fun expressing my opinions of annoyances, but I’m afraid this is the last of “What Rustles my Jimmies” ever. Just remember to make sure to avoid these annoying things in life, and carry on! Thanks for reading!


-Mason DeJong ([email protected])