Anchorman 2 Movie Review


Director: Adam McKay

Not everyone manages to fake their own death and go to their own funeral to talk about themselves, but Brick (Steve Carell) pulls it off. Adam McKay has brought us this year’s much anticipated sequel to “Anchorman”. “Anchorman 2” takes place nearly an entire decade after “Anchorman”, and starts off with Will Ferrell’s character, Ron Burgundy, and his wife Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) his fellow anchorwomen broadcasting the news. The film brings along a few familiar faces and new conflicts, but “Anchorman 2” focuses on Burgundy’s struggle to become one of the top newsmen in America.

What gives this movie its spice is how Adam McKay manages to throw comedy around every corner. “Anchorman”’s classic 60’s style dress has been brought back, along with the cheesy and dirty comedy. Hilarity ensues within the beginning of the film as Burgundy attempts to re-establish his past news team who are each now living their own interesting lives.

Anchorman 2 manages to hold the audience’s attention with the variety of conflicts. Burgundy is constantly attempting to find a new way to impress his new news station, which is trying to be the first news station to broadcast news for 24 hours. When Burgundy’s team gets stuck with the late night shift, they manage to make a new way to broadcast the news and only talk about the things that people actually want to hear.

Although “Anchorman 2” had a good storyline and plot, it was difficult to follow at times. There were several occasions where comedy overtook the storyline, and the movie didn’t have an apparent plot. “Anchorman 2” had several things going on at once, which also made it difficult to follow. The comedy managed to fill up all of the potholes in the storyline when nothing was going on.

Despite “Anchorman 2” being boring and confusing at times, the film was full of hilarious jokes, unbelievable situations and creative plots. “Anchorman 2” is definitely a film you need to see to start your 2014 year off right.


– Jordan Zemanek