District Speech Results


The Pella High Speech team was back in action this past Saturday at districts in Pleasantville.

12 groups received a one rating and will be advancing to the State Speech Competition on Saturday February 8th

The groups are as follows:

Ensemble Acting:  “13 Ways to Screw Up a College Interview” – Sam Blatt, Taika Dennill, Shanae De-Haan Burch, Emily Ebeling, Mikayla Huston, Sarah Muller

Ensemble Acting:   “Crimes of the Heart” – Claire Anderson, Autumn Moran, Sydney Swanson

 Group Improvisation – Nathan Clayberg, Greg Frommelt, Jack Parisee, Aaron Van Maanen

Group Improvisation:  Joe Gaiser, Craig Miller, Micah Criscuolo

Mime:  “The New Boy”  – Karli Bruxvoort, Mikayla Huston, Laurel Stelter, Ania Stras, Zong Yang

Musical Theatre:  “Annie”  – Mariah Kooyman, Mandy Nossaman, Rebecca Schippers, Faith Van Wyngarden, Davis VandeSteeg, Julie VanEe

Musical Theatre:  “Young Frankenstein”  – Claire Anderson, Nathan Clayberg, Greg Frommelt, Tom Palmer, Aaron Van Maanen

One-Act Play:  “It’s a Wonderful Life” – Maria Belding, Karli Bruxvoort, Colin Jones, Suzanna Hall, Ashley Kirkland, Hannah Martin, Michael Schnebbe, Ben Tiskevics, Davis VandeSteeg

Radio Broadcasting:  “KCCM” – Kiley Elder, Chance Fryman, Carter Terpstra, Mallory Wheeler

Reader’s Theatre:  “Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged and Revised” – Kody Beller, Colin Jones, Devin McCain, Eleanor Witt

Short Film:  “Boy Girl”  – Jack Parisee, Alex Moore, Tanner Phelps, Sydney Swanson

Short Film:  “Falling Star” – Micah Criscuolo, Joseph Gaiser, Megan Kooker, Craig Miller


There were also 8 teams that received a two rating

They were:

Ensemble Acting:   “Women of Spoon River”  – Sarah DeWolf, Hannah Gross, Olive Kane, Victoria Karnes

Group Improvisation:  Nathan Boldt, Mark Sutija, Isaac Vos

Group Improvisation: Kody Beller, Matthew Sutija, Matthew Weihe, Ashley Kirkland

Group Improvisation:  Amber Morgan, Marlen Ramirez, Nicole Schnebbe

Group Improvisation:  Ben Tysseling, Ryan Van Maanen, Jay Belding, Luke Schemm

Musical Theatre:  “Into the Woods” – Maria Belding, Sarah Muller, Rachel Mueller

Radio Broadcasting:  “Eagle Point Radio” – Jacob Beyer, Zach Corwin, Braden Klyn

Reader’s Theatre:  “Two Stories of Suspense” – Jay Belding, Nathan Boldt, Nicole Schnebbe, Mark Sutija, Isaac Vos

Good job to all who participated!

Chase Petty ([email protected])