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    Flappy Bird Sweeps School


    A virus recently struck here, one so huge it is causing massive destruction (mostly of mobile phones). It is small and comes in digital form. It causes symptoms such as infuriating rage, Throw Your Phone syndrome, and uncontrollable yelling. Yes, ladies and gentleman, the flapapocalypse is upon us.

    I am, of course, talking about the popular iPhone and Android app Flappy Bird. The mobile game that has swept not only throughout our school but throughout the world. It climbed all the way to the top of the top of the App Store and Android Marketplaces “Free” categories as well as having numerous clones.

    The game is simple; fly a small bird through a number of endless green pipes until you hit one or fall to the ground resulting in your final score. Sounds easy, right?

    “My high score is 9. I’ve tried so hard to get higher than that but I guess I’m not a gamer. I absolutely hate the game and wish it would die,” said Sophomore Shanae DeHaan-Burch

    “My high score is 36. Once I realized I’d never beat my high score again, I stopped playing it,” said Senior Ethan Butler

    Flappy Bird even breaks hearts. Sophomore Elyse Parisee wrote: “Dear Pelladium Staff, I hate flappy bird. Why? Because he broke my heart. I downloaded it in hopes of a great time and a long lasting app to girl relationship. I played for an hour and never got past level one. He is the rudest bird, even more rude then the past birds I’ve met on angry birds. Sincerely, Elyse Parisee </3.”

    However, some students have mastered this rage-inducing bird, getting sk9htcores in the hundreds.

    “My high score is 160; i play around 5 times a day,” said Senior Cody DeKruyff.

    “My high score is 177; and I play about 3 times a day,” said Freshman Jay Belding.

    Getting a good score on this simply difficult game requires confidence. wrote to us “My high score is 29. I’m basically a pro,” said Freshman Julie Wimmer.

    Alas, though if after reading this story you are planning on hopping on the Flappy Bird bandwagon, you are fresh out of luck. Creator Dong Nguyen took the ever-so-popular game down early this week. You can no longer download the game; it ceases to exist on all of the top marketplaces. However, those who have previously downloaded the game can still play it. To take that to the farthest extent, phones are being sold on the internet for several hundreds to thousands of dollars with the game installed on it.

    The game was a short fad that only lasted about a year. However, numerous clones exist on the marketplaces for download.

    Flappy Bird tombstone


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    Flappy Bird Sweeps School