Clash of Clans Craze


The craze of Clash of Clans has taken over Pella High School. The game is not a new fad like Flappy Bird or Candy Crush. Many students enjoy spending their time strategizing new ways to go up in rank.


“I like arranging and rearranging my defense strategies so I can get trophies when I’m not attacking people,” said junior Todd Van Dyke


Joining clans then leaving after receiving high level troops is a good strategy for rookie clanners. For elder clanners who have stayed with their respective clan earn the title, “elder”.  Pella High has its own created clan for clanners who want to stay in a clan and move up through the ranks. “Rescue Heros” is where the majority of Pella High clanners reside.


“I’ve been playing Clash of Clans for a while now and it is still intriguing to me because of all the levels and new upgrades you can do.” said junior Jamison Roozeboom.


Even a Pella teacher partakes in the clanning fun.


“I enjoy playing because it gives you the sense of accomplishment when you build something from nothing into a major power.” said social studies teacher Dak Rasmussen