Top Five End of the Year Events


Forty-three days left of school. Let that sink in. One week in the books for the fourth quarter. Summer is right around the corner and seems to be the only thing on student’s minds. The school is already buzzing about the end of the year, but I’m here to give five things to look forward to before school’s end.


1. Tulip Time: The best time of the year in Pella. Tulip Time draws thousands of tourists to come experience our city’s magnificent Dutch culture. Although the crowds can be a hassle, the school week is shortened with two half days on Thursday and Friday. Tulip Time takes the number one spot because of its lack of school and days filled with spending time with your buddies.

Dates: May 1, 2, and 3.


2. Sports: The most participated season of sports is getting underway. Track, tennis, soccer, golf, and spring league baseball have all started up and are looking forward to a great season. The track team is defending its state title, men’s golf is looking for redemption after a disappointing end last year, and each sport is looking forward to a great season.


3. Improv. Show & Carnaby Club: These two major events display the extraordinary talent of students. The improv. show is an event for all ages and is a three-show event sure to leave everyone laughing until their sides hurt. Carnaby Club is a one night musical show featuring students playing instruments and singing their hearts out.

Dates (Improv Show): April 11 and 12.

          (Carnaby Club): April 25 and 26.



4. Prom: For all juniors, seniors, and any underclassmen in attendance, prom is a great experience. Even with all of the time and effort put into prom, the experience is definitely worth the troubles and cost. Prom is the type of event that you will remember for a long time.

Date: April 5.


5. Weather: Finally, it’s starting to feel like spring. The snow has passed, and the sun is coming out. Everyone is welcoming the longer days and warmer weather. The sight of blossoming trees and blooming flowers are sure to brighten everyone’s mood. The short season of spring offers a pleasant preview of summer.