Improv. Shows Recap


The annual improvisation shows took place on April 11 and 12. Four teams and three hilarious performances were part of the performances. Senior co-host of the show Aaron Van Maanen thought the show was a great success.

“The improv show went very well this year. Due to this being the fourth year of the show, it has grown in popularity, and there were very interactive crowds,” said Van Maanen.

The three performances consisted of segments performed for each show.

“Each game ends up being different even though we did the same ones because you get a different situation each time and never know how it’s going to end up,” said Van Maanen.

During the intermissions the shows featured magic shows performed by Robert Sales.

“I was a little nervous at the beginning, but it fell into place. I did two of the same tricks and the crowd reaction was very good for both. It was also the first time I performed my new mentalism trick. Overall, I think it went well, and the crowd reaction was positive,” said Sales.

The shows had a different vibe this year with the absence of veteran performers.

“This year was fun because I got to improv. and be a co-host alongside Nathan Clayberg, but it was different without upperclassmen like Mitch Sheppard and Evan Jones,” said Van Maanen.

The show was conducted and put together by teachers and speech team coaches Suzie Jones and Ashlee Whittington.

“Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Whittington worked really hard to make the shows the best they could be, and they ended up being successful,” said Van Maanen.