New Teachers Invade PHS


As many students have switched their beach towels for backpacks and have settled into school, they may have noticed new faces in the halls and classrooms. Four of these new teachers are Josh McCollum, Kendi Arndt, Miranda Raymond and Amy Blanton.

  So many teachers have many stories to tell from their high school and college years, but most people wonder what brought them to PHS.


“As a 2004 Pella High graduate, I was always interested in being able to return to this great school and wonderful community that inspired me to be a teacher,” said new math teacher Kendi Arndt.


Pella school district has a good reputation as being a pretty good public school in the state of Iowa.


“I have been very impressed with the district and their policies. Their policies are very teacher friendly, and the people are very helpful,” said new journalism teacher  Amy Blanton.


Along with Pella Community School District the town of Pella has a good environment.



“I have been pleasantly surprised with Pella and the school district.  It reminds me a lot of my hometown, Carroll.  I like the small-town feel, but I enjoy being able to get to Des Moines easily and to Iowa City for Hawkeye football games.  The town has been very welcoming, and so far I have really enjoyed living here.” said new English teacher Miranda Raymond.



With a wonderful town and environment, people sometimes wonder how it influences the students and how it makes them different from other students around the state.


“I believe students in Pella have the desire to be great at something, whether that is academics, athletics, fine arts, or something else. I see a drive in them that is different than other students,” said new math teacher Josh McCollum.


These new teachers shared some interesting and wacky things that many of you don’t know.


“I own a ukulele, but do not know how to play it,” said new math teacher Josh McCollum.