Best Virtual Assistant


Ever wondered which virtual assistant is the best? We have Siri for the iPhone 5s, Cortana from the Nokia Lumia 635, and Google Now for HTC One. We asked a few hand-picked assistants to do certain tasks, such as opening an app or playing music. Keep in mind that these assistants are the most common of phones today out of the other ones. After all the tests for the virtual assistants, Google Now comes out on top of Cortana and Siri. while all have their own strong points and weak points. If you are planning on getting a phone, compare to the graph below to votes on which assistant did the best. Strong-points are highlighted in yellow.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.16.31 AM

 The graph can conclude that Google Now is most versatile of assistants, ranging from playing music to making reminders. Cortana can do the same functions, but Google Now does them faster, however, Cortana can sing and tell a joke if you ask her to. Siri is in between both. Cortana is still in BETA so it would be appropriate to give Cortana some sympathy for her score. Siri is the oldest assistant for smartphones ever since January 2013. If you are working for a productive assistant, Google Now is your choice, but if for anything practical, then any of them can do it.