Inside Shrek The Musical


The movie Shrek is coming to life at Pella High though a musical with impressive staging and special effects. From the dragon to the shortness of Lord Farquaad, the high school production of Shrek the Musical is one not to miss.


The City of Duloc

One of the most impressive scenes that was built was the city of Duloc. When Shrek and Donkey first enter Duloc, they come across the information booth that plays the catchy  tune from the movie that most of us know. The high school show has the song “Welcome To Duloc” that Duloc dancers perform. The city of Duloc is complete with a giant castle back drop that makes the audience feel like they entered Duloc. On the flip side, a dark dungeon-like background is present when Farquaad torchers Gingy.


The Dragon

We all know that the Dragon in the movie is what is standing in the way of Shrek getting his swamp back, but Donkey falls in love with her. In the musical, the Dragon is controlled  by four people, head, middle, end and the wings. The Dragon also moves its mouth and blinks its eyes throughout the production.


Towards the end of the movie, the dragon interrupts the wedding of Fiona and Farquaad. The high school’s show will have an effect that breaks the window upon the entrance of the dragon. In addition smoke is released and fills the whole stage any time the dragon appears.


Fairy Tale Characters

The crazy costumes that were designed for all the fairy tale characters from the Three Little Pigs to Peter Pan are amazing. The costumes have at least two parts. First each actor’s face is transformed into what ever creature they are. Then the crazy costume has an unique feature, like a growing nose for Pinocchio and briefcases made out of straw, hay and bricks for the Three Little Pigs.
Overall, high school volunteers, parents and students have put a lot of hard work into creating the musical production of the movie Shrek. The musical is a must see, showtimes are Friday, Nov. 14  at 7 p.m. and two performances on Saturday, Nov. 15  at 2 and 7 p.m.