Fall Guys


Fall Guys 


If you haven’t heard of Fall Guys,you must have been living under a rock for the past month. Fall Guys is a battle royale knockout game that features little adorable pill shaped characters. They fight in a knockout style tournament to obtain a crown at the end of a series of minigames. The game officially came out on August 4 for PC and PS4 users with the intent of taking some of the sweat out of the theme of battle royale and filling it with fun, vibrant colors, and tons of fun minigames. Not too long after it’s release, however, it exploded in popularity and now has a consistent player base of at least 100 thousand people playing the game and more than 7 million players worldwide.




In terms of minigames, Fall Guys does not disappoint with its wide variety of different ways to come out on top and get that shiny crown. One example of a fun minigame is a game called Tail Tag which is a team game where the main goal is to have the most tails on your team to qualify to the next round. However there’s a catch, you can also have your tail stolen by a member of the other team, so you have to stay swift and be smart otherwise someone else from the opposing team takes your tail. If you manage to qualify and get to the final round, hexa-gone is a good example of a final minigame that you might run into.  In this minigame there are multiple layers of hexagon floors that disappear as you step on them and your main goal is to be the last one to fall into the pit of pink goop at the bottom of the layers of hexagons to get the crown and win the game. 




Obviously, it wouldn’t be a battle royale style game without cosmetics and ways to show off how skilled you are at the game. In Fall Guys, they have a wide variety of cosmetics that you can choose from, ranging from a chicken to a burger costume for your pill shaped characters. If you can think of a good cosmetic for your character, chances are that Fall Guys already has that skin in the game. However, that isn’t the only thing that Fall Guys offer in their shop, they also offer different emotes for your character both while you’re competing in the fun filled minigames and for when you’re the one standing on that number 1 podium with that crown dangling over your head. Don’t worry though, just like every other battle royale game, Fall Guys also has a battle pass that you can purchase to level up and get all different types of currency for your profile as well as customizations to spice up your character with. In conclusion, Fall Guys is a good game to both play with friends online or just have a good laugh with your family on the living room couch.