Homecoming Hits and Misses


Photo Credit: Abbi Vanderhoff

Homecoming King Cole DeWaard and Queen Annika Boonstra cheer along with the cheerleaders.


  1. Lip Syncs

The lip syncs this year were great across the board. I thought everyone did really well. The freshman lip sync was really good compared to other years. This year the sophomores had a surprising amount of people participate. For the juniors, this was the first year where there was some actual participation, and the seniors’ lip sync was big and grand like they usually are. I thought they were all really fun, and the people in the auditorium seemed to agree. 

  1.  Hallway decorations

These were all so good this year. The seniors clearly put a lot of effort into theirs. I really like the movie timeline the juniors had. The sophomores technically lost, but their hallway was still fantastic, and I really liked the freshmans’ UFOs and planets hanging from the ceiling. 

  1. Getting Homecoming

It is honestly really great that we still had homecoming this year. Many other schools canceled their homecoming. Though there were some restrictions, it is still really cool that we could have a homecoming to begin with. 



  1.  Falling decorations

The hallway decorations this year really didn’t want to stick to the walls and the painters’ tape was not doing anyone any favors. Most of the decorations fell off the wall before school started on Monday. All the halls still looked really cool this year (see hit number 2), but the decorations sure fell down quickly. 

  1.   Masks

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest mask supporter out there. I’m talking about the enforcement of wearing masks. I mean the band wasn’t even wearing masks in their big “Whoop Whoop” clump. I get that it’s outside, but they were way too close together to just ignore masks. Throughout the week and specifically during the class competitions, when they said they would enforce masks more, I constantly saw people either not wearing masks or wearing them so wrong they might as well have taken off their masks. 

  1.  Seniors jumping over the fence

When the seniors won the spirit jug-good for them-there was a wave of people jumping over the fence. Yikes, would it kill you to walk around? I get that you’re excited, but I feel like we all knew what that someone was bound to get hurt.