Fall Drinks for the Fall Season


Tatum Tierney, Assistant Web Editor

Fall is here and you might need to find a new go to drink for the season. Sophomore Tatum Tierney and some fellow staff members Norma and Zandra Spiker tried many fall drinks from different coffee shops and here are the results!


Caramel Cider- Smokey Row


    • Zandra: 8.5/10, no wow factor, good, solid drink
    • Tatum: 6/10, for someone who likes cider and caramel, it’s good, a good alternative for someone who doesn’t like coffee
    • Norma: 6/10, personally cider isn’t my thing, but for someone who does, it would be a good drink
  • Average rating: 6.8/10


Morning Glaze- The Brew


    • Zandra: 5/10, nothing bad but not much flavor
    • Tatum: 7/10, not super sweet which can be good, strong coffee flavor for people who like coffee
    • Norma: 9/10, not super flavorful but good for people who like coffee
  • Average rating: 7/10


Pumpkin Pie Latte- Smokey Row


    • Zandra: 8/10, not a huge pumpkin fan, but it’s not too overpowering
    • Tatum: 7/10, not a fan of pumpkin, but it has a good balance
    • Norma: 10/10, nice pumpkin flavor, not too sweet or bitter
  • Average rating: 8.3/10


Iced Pumpkin Spice Coffee- McDonald’s


    • Zandra: 6/10, tastes artificial, very sugary
    • Tatum: 3/10, pumpkin is very sweet, artificial and overpowering
    • Norma: 7/10, very sweet and not much pumpkin, but doesn’t have the best taste
  • Average rating: 5.3/10