The Future of Gaming


When it comes to the new consoles, you have multiple options to choose from whether it is the new Xbox Series X and S or the Ps5 in November.  Xbox is coming out with their new consoles on November 10, with the promise of Next Generation Gaming at an affordable price. The Ps5, on the other hand, is going to release its console on November 12 at the price point of $499 for the normal console itself and $399 for the digital edition. However, what console you get is up to you, but here are some details to shift your mind. 


Xbox Series X and S 

In terms of the new Xbox series X and S, there is a lot to unpack in the small, power-filled boxes. The Xbox Series X is one of their smallest yet most powerful consoles, with better graphics and a ton of better processing power to handle your games at high speeds while keeping the system perfectly cool. The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, doesn’t pack as much of a punch in terms of the graphics card and processing power as the Xbox Series X, but is more affordable at the price point of $299. Whereas the Xbox Series X is at the price point of $499 to compensate for the better graphics and performance. 



The newest console inline for Sony’s PlayStation series is the Ps5 which offers many amazing things that come inside the console itself. One of the features that come with the Ps5 was the ability to do ray tracing which means that you will be able to see rays of light and real to life shadows in the games that you play on the Ps5. The Ps5 also comes with the ability to play on 4k TV’s as well as a new feature called Tempest 3d Audiotech. This makes it so that you can play your games either with the sound coming out of your TV or your headphones, and it sounds like the game is happening all around you. In terms of price, the normal Ps5 will be available at $499 whereas the digital edition of the Ps5 will cost $399, but both will release worldwide on November 12.