The Best TikTok Trends (Ranked)



  1. WAP Remixes- WAP remixes are entertaining because it can be anything you want it to be. WAP has been combined with everything from “Hey There Delilah” to “Grey’s Anatomy” quotes, combining things you would never expect to go together, however it works in a way no one expected and always keeps you on your toes. 


  1. International Harvester-As someone who doesn’t watch or know any TikTok dances, when this came across my For You page, I decided that it was the one TikTok dance I wanted to know. It’s funny, it’s Iowan, and you can’t convince me the song doesn’t go hard.


  1. Introduce yourself as your high school rumor- Pretty self explanatory. It’s nice to know we all had similar high school experiences with the rumor mill, and it’s entertaining to see what other kids our age across the country have made up. Although rumors aren’t positive,it’s a good way to look back on them and laugh.


  1. Goodnight to- I like this trend due to the oddly specific nature. The concept of saying goodnight to these extremely specific groups while somehow including everyone is something that I support and find to be funny no matter the context. 


  1. Put a finger down- We all want someone to be able to relate to us, and put a finger down is the perfect trend for this. Not only is it showing that other people have similar experiences to us, but it’s also used as a way to show pet peeves with the “stay away from me” editions.