Show Choir Starting Up


Tricia Lundy

AcaPella starts off their show “frozen”.


Even though this year is different from the rest, that is not stopping Pella High School’s Show Choirs. Both AcaPella and Bravo are still practicing and keeping up with their schedule to make sure they are performance ready in January when their season begins.

AcaPella has a new head coach, Samatha Robilliard, but most people in show choir call her Robi. She previously worked at Johnston High School. 

“I think she is amazing,” senior Hannah Meuzelaar. “She does a great job of pushing us to do our best while still being caring and nice. She is incredibly talented and amazing at figuring out exactly what needs to be done.” 

Members of AcaPella have been practicing since August. However, a lot of things have changed this season due to COVID-19. Some of the usual show choir competitions have been cancelled or have gotten rid of finals, and everyone has to wear masks during their practices and performances. They also have to take a 5 minute break every 45 minutes in order to sanitize everything. As well as changing practice, they are unable to have team meals at someone’s house as there would be too many people in a small enclosure.

There are many reasons why this year has been difficult; however, people have found things that made them remember life before the coronavirus. 

I am in show choir because it is fun and a great opportunity to connect with people. I’ve met a lot of people and gained many friendships that I wouldn’t have without show choir,”  said Meuzelaar. “Everyone is show choir is really close, so it is like gaining another family,”

The show this year is called “Frozen Hearts” after one of the songs. The song,Frozen Hearts” is about those who are unable to love.  Through the show,  hearts melt as people learn to love again. 

“I’m very excited for the show. I think it is a cool theme and the outfits are beautiful. We have a wide variety in our songs and dance styles, so it is very exciting,” said Meuzelaar.

Acapella’s final performance will be at Dutch Masters on Feb. 19-20. 

I’m really looking forward to Dutch Masters and our final performance,” said Richards.

 “If you haven’t been before, I highly recommend going to Dutch Masters.” 



Bravo has been practicing since October, and they have the same performances as AcaPella.

“I am in show choir because I love to sing, dance, and do anything related to music,” said freshman Mikayla Besick. 

Even though show choir is different from last year and freshmen like Besick are experiencing their first high school show choir performance during COVID-19,  it doesn’t mean they aren’t having fun experiencing new things. 

“My first year of show choir has been amazing so far and I am most excited to make new friends and be a part of the team,” said Besick.

Bravo’s show has five songs that all relate to the theme, “Work Hard, Play Harder.” 

“I really like the theme and the songs this year,” said Besick. “My favorite song and dance is “It’s Easy” because it is fun to dance to. The theme this year is Work hard, Play harder.”