Senior Goodbye


When spring rolls around, the seniors start counting down the days until graduation. But for me, graduation is going to be a bittersweet moment. The Pelladium staff currently has 6 graduating seniors (and one graduating junior). 

Let’s start with our junior, Isabella Schlerman. She joined our staff at the beginning of the school year and originally planned to study abroad in Mexico her junior year. After the coronavirus cancelled her plans, she decided to graduate early.. Isabella created content for The Pelladium, and She wrote articles as well as created podcasts that covered topics from politics to music, I personally enjoyed her music reviews. 

Next two seniors who joined us for their final semester in highschool, Mickayla Schlerman and Ryan Hancock. Mickayla and Ryan have both been content creators. Both of them are planning to attend college in the fall. Mickayla has written many articles covering topics from sports, celebrity drama and news. Ryan has primarily been a sports reporter. 

Nicholas Lyle and Hannah Gaschler joined the Pelladium staff at the beginning of the school year. Hannah and Nick aren’t the most talkative people, but they’re both passionate reporters. Nick has covered video games and many articles about electronics, something many of us aren’t familiar with. Hannah has been an amazing reporter about many topics. She was one of our main news reporters and often wrote articles for our center spreads. 

Andrea Van Heukelom joined us during her sophomore year. She always has a story tell, or some rant for the people in the backroom. Andrea became an editor this school year, and has been an important part in creating every newspaper. Although sometimes quiet, when she opens up, you know she’s got something good to say. 

Our final senior, web editor, is Zandra Spiker. It’s a hard goodbye to any of the seniors already, but considering Zandra is my older sister, it makes things even harder. She joined the staff during her freshman year after taking Intro to Journalism. She created content before becoming the web editor last year. Zandra always has something to talk about, and always makes first period exciting. 

The Pelladium staff wants to wish all of our seniors the best of luck after highschool. We’ll miss them all, but can’t wait to see what exciting opportunities open up after high school.