Dual Enrollment; The Best of Both Worlds


Faith Vandenberg

Senior Ethan Quayle and Hannah VanZante

If you didn’t already know, Dual Enrollment is when homeschooled students get the chance to take classes that aren’t offered through their curriculum at home or can’t be taught at home. Pella is fortunate enough to have a dual enrollment program. It is beneficial for both PHS students and homeschooled students. Pella currently has two dual-enrolled seniors. 

Hannah VanZante is one of the seniors that is dual enrolled.  According to VanZante, dual enrollment is beneficial.

“Being dual-enrolled allows me to be primarily homeschooled while taking electives and other classes through the public school system that I can’t do on my own,” VanZante said. 

She enjoys having the freedom to take the classes she wants to, and fellow senior Ethan Quayle agrees.

“I can take the classes that I want to at the high school, but I can also take the classes that I want to at home, that may not be offered at the high school,” Quayle said. 

Homeschool students tend to enjoy learning at home because they can go at their own pace and learn to the best of their ability. 

Another perk of being dual enrolled is the extracurricular activities you can do, which includes sports and elective classes. We have countless students at Pella who do multiple activities at school, including Quayle’s and VanZante’s siblings.

“The biggest opportunity I get at school is sports…I play basketball during the winter and love it! It’s fun to be a part of Pella athletics, and great to say you get to play for Pella,” Quayle said.

Homeschoolers don’t seem to have a problem with connecting with others and making friends. 

“I have to put forth the effort to see people and interact with them,” Quayle said. “Which for me really isn’t a problem. I’m not like, ‘Oh no! I have to see my friends’’”

Dual enrollment has many pros to their social lives and interactions. With them being with their parents almost full time, they can raise their children without too many outside influences. 

“I am much more at ease when speaking to classmates, teachers, and even customers at work,” VanZante said. “Dual enrollment has taught me to be more proactive, outspoken, and patient when working in a group setting and seeking information that I need.”

When it comes to which they prefer more, everyone’s answers could be different. Each homeschooling experience is unique. Some prefer homeschooling more, and others prefer going to school. It is all about preference and how you like to learn.

“I one-hundred percent prefer homeschool,” VanZante said. “I love being able to learn at my own pace and have a flexible schedule that allows me to be ahead in some subjects while spending more time on topics that I don’t fully grasp.”

Pella makes it very easy for the students to go back and forth between classes and home. Pella also makes it easier for them to have the dual enrollment option, or even just participating in school. With this dual enrollment option, homeschoolers get the chance to meet other students and connect with them.

“Pella has such a great social dynamic. I am usually at home doing my school work…this is just a great opportunity!”