Devious Lick


Maggie Leach, reporter

A Devious Lick is classified as stealing, vandalizing, and/or showing off stolen items, most frequently from schools and school restrooms. This trend amassed large amounts of popularity on the social media app TikTok, which sparked a nefarious sort of inspiration amongst adolescents. Students across the country started producing videos displaying stolen soap dispensers, clocks, stall doors, signs, and some even went so far as to take actual toilets. Why is this a trend and why does it keep happening?

Many students at PHS have contrasting opinions on this trend. Senior MacKenzie VanHaaften expressed her opinion. 

I think it was funny at first when it was just one or two people doing it and only taking small things. Then it got out of hand and became costly to the schools” said VanHaaften. “ I did like how people on TikTok flipped the trend and made Angelic Yields, where they would give things back to the schools and make it better.”

“Angelic Yields” are ways students can combat vandalism. Students have been bringing store-bought supplies like soap, candles, toilet paper,  air fresheners, and other personal hygiene products to schools. 

As this trend slows down and is now being left in the past, it helped highlight some issues inside of public schools. Were some students stealing because they couldn’t afford it in their own homes? If this is the case, more yields could be helpful in all schools to support all students.