Dutchesses Insider


For the past three years, Tulip Time has been either canceled or different from the past. However, this year is starting to become somewhat normal again. Like every Tulip Time, there is a Tulip Queen with her Tulip Court. However, the group that is usually overlooked is the Dutchesses. 

The Dutchesses work throughout the entire year to prepare for one weekend. They provide entertainment and history within their performances. The group dances, sings, and dresses in traditional Dutch customs. Practices are one hour every Sunday, they start in late October and last through Tulip time. 

 Dutchesses every year representing the first three years of high school. Seniors are not part of the Dutchesses because they are usually trying out for the court or Tulip Queen. There is a pair from each school: Pella and Pella Christian. 

“I decided to be a dutchess because I thought it would be a lot of fun, especially to get to know people that I might not have known otherwise,” said junior Ellie Wogen. There are many reasons why the girls want to be part of the group. Many who join the group are in choir or have some musical experience. “My favorite part of being a dutchess was during Tulip Time last year when some mennonites asked to take pictures with us on their flip phones!” added Wogen.

To be a dutchess, you get nominated, and then chosen by the historical society. It is a three year commitment so you have to make sure you want to do it! Only 16 girls are part of it at one time, 8 from each school. “It has definitely been an honor to be part of the group!” said Wogen. 

Being a dutchess is a lot of work, but very fun according to Wogen. “My personal experience has been great! Sadly due to Covid I didn’t get to perform during my Freshman year, but it has been a blast.” The community and camaraderie between the girls is well received even though they are from different schools. The week of Tulip Time is very busy for the group because they put in about 8 hours a day performing all around town, and on the Tulip Touren.

“It has been a great opportunity to be able to represent our town and the Historical Society in this way and I will definitely miss it and all my friends!” ended Wogen.