2022 Summer Fashion Predictions


It may be close to summer, but personally with the weather, it just doesn’t feel like we are almost to the summer season. Whether we believe it or not, it is around the corner, and today I am here to predict what I believe the summer fashion trends will be.

Personally I think oversized blazers cinched at the waist with a belt (almost as a dress) with either boots or socks and sandals is going to be super in this season. Lightweight button ups or blazers worn as a  jacket are here to stay through the summer. They are perfect to spice up an outfit. Adding a  pop of color with a simple crop top underneath will also make an outfit.     

           For a material, I predict silk is going to be extremely in this summer. Silk can go in many directions, so I think silk sets with pants and a button up are going to be popular.  They’re comfy and lightweight but still look great.  Other silk items I love are silk crop tops and corsets with just jeans or even a silk dress. I predict this will be a summer trend.

My last prediction for the season is that pairing heels with casual clothes is going to be a trend.  Heels can be styled with baggy jeans. Personally I like to have basic heels to just style with some lace socks or with jeans just to add a little spice to my outfit, but you can also wear colorful heels to add a pop of color or to go with a color theme of the outfit.