Step Up Your Studying


As the first semster has come to an end, some may find that grades may be slipping. Here are some study methods and tips that I have found very useful throughout my high school career that may be able to help you improve.


  • Spaced Practice

Space out your studying over several days before the test. Overall this is a really good way to properly load more content into your long term memory. Also this makes studying less stressful, as you are not doing a huge amount of work all at once, and you should be well prepared when it is test time. 


  • Prewriting

When a test is written, I recommend prewriting your answers. This method is super helpful, as you are basically taking the test, but you have time to resolve any questions you may have while writing. You can incorporate more details with extra research. Also you know what you are going to say, so the test itself should go smoother, and you can write more, as you don’t have to spend as much time thinking.


  • Note Taking

Another thing that is pretty simple, that I have found to be extremely helpful, when it comes to studying, is to take a plentiful amount of notes. It is tremendously helpful when you already have most of the material in your notes, rather than having to hunt it down elsewhere. To go along with this, I recommend taking notes collectively, (preferably on a google doc). Sometimes you may not be able to get all of the information yourself. Also if you are gone for a day, catching up is not really an issue.