Athlete Profile: Emily Blom


Q. How did it feel to go to state last year?

A. It felt very exciting to make it, and it encouraged me to do well at state [this year} and in the years to come!

Q. What was one of your favorite memories from last tennis season?

A. One of my favorite memories from last year was when our team made it to team state and everyone was so excited and proud of each other.

Q. What’s your goal for this season?

A. My goal for this season is to make it to state again and hopefully place within the top 5.

Q. What do you love most about tennis?

A. I love that tennis is a sport you can play with anyone and the team dynamic is not stressful at all. I also love how everyone’s playing style can be different yet still succeed.

Q. How does the weather affect your playing?

 A. If the weather is rainy, we can’t play because the courts are too slippery. If it is windy then I have to adjust my hitting pace to either softer or harder depending on which way the wind is blowing.