Superstitions of Pella Athletes


Some people have some pretty weird athletic superstitions. Hall of Fame baseball player Wade Boggs ate fried chicken before every game and wrote the Hebrew word for living in the dirt before he went up to bat. NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher eats two chocolate chip cookies before each match. French soccer player Laurent Blanc kissed his team’s goalkeeper’s bald head before each game in the 1988 world cup, and they won! Here are some of the sport superstitions at Pella High.


Freshman Aiden Huston, Cross Country. 

“If my socks aren’t pulled up all the way, I won’t run as well.” 


Junior Mallory Westerkamp, Tennis 

“I always spin my racket and tap the back of my foot before each game.” 


Senior Grant Anderson, Track. 

“I listen to music before every meet. I smile as wide as possible and stick my tongue out before every race.”


Freshman Milo VanHaaften, Tennis. 

“If I don’t flip my racket, it won’t be a good serve.” 


Freshman Marissa Ferebe, Track. 

“The only snack I eat, before I race, is a Hawaiian bagel.”