Learning Laptops


Laptops are a new edition to this school and certain teachers have different ways of using them for their students. Spanish teacher Kayla Weis, academic advisor Sheri Roslien, and math teacher Nick Harthoorn answered Pelladium.com’s questions.



1. How are you as a teacher using the laptops in class?


Weis: “We use them every so often reviewing vocabulary and practicing conjugations.”


Roslien: “We use them as a writing tool, and to share documents with each other. Infinite Campus is useful, because it checks homework completion and missing assignments.”


Harthoorn: “Using the laptops is a little difficult than unlike using them for other subjects. The laptops are usually used on a topic-to-topic basis.”


2. When do you find the need for students to use them in class?


Weis: “Whenever students get finished with a test early or if they have free time, there are sheets posted on walls around the room that list websites that they can review off of.”


Roslien: “Anytime there is a writing assignment, we use the laptops.”


Harthoorn: “We use the laptops to have access to graphing calculators and geometry tools that can be used online.”


3. Do you use them daily?


Weis: “No, but when we do we use them about once a week.”


Roslien: “Yes, we use them daily for checking homework completion.”


Harthoorn: “No, it really all depends what subject is being taught at the time.”


4. Are you finding any troubles trying to incorporate the laptops with your teaching?


Weis: “Nope, everything is all good.”


Roslien: “No, right now I am enjoying it.”

Harthoorn: “Math in general is a little harder to use, and it really all depends what topic is being taught.”


•Andre Hernandez ([email protected])