Every year when school starts a litany of changes in policy and curriculum occur at the high school. This year the biggest of these changes is undoubtedly the application of the 1:1 program. Now that every student has a laptop at their disposal, the curriculum has changed quite drastically, and with it the study programs. For years the study halls in school have, for the most part, been unchanging. The I-study program is set to create a comfortable environment where kids can work on their laptops and keep up with their school work.

I-study is led by Lisa VandeLune and Mike Buchheit.

“The goal was to change the culture of “study hall” making it a place for doing work and getting help if needed,” said VandeLune. “I have the ability to see student’s grades and assignments, to make sure they are working when they need to be and not just wasting time.”

This new, more structured approach on study hall will act as a sort of reward for students with high attendance rates who turn in their assignments in a timely fashion. The program also goes hand-in-hand with the newly implemented  Infinite Classroom, which allows teachers, students and parents to keep track of assignments online.

“As long as goals are met for attendance and assignments fulfillment, students will be able to move into iStudy that allows more freedom. It will take some time to get this system in place, as teachers get more familiar with Infinite Campus and how to post assignments/projects/tests ahead of time,” said VandeLune.

•Jake Dorman ([email protected])