Get to Know: Kara Neumann


Kara Neumann, a sophomore, is from Stillwell, Okla. She is a new student here, she answered’s questions.


Do you like your classes? What class do you enjoy the most? 

“Yes I do, the classes I enjoy the most are advanced chemistry and ag class.”


How is Pella High School different from your old school? 

“Pella High School is a lot bigger than my old school.”


What do you think of Pella? What do you like about Pella so far? 

“I like Pella, and Pella is a lot cleaner, and it’s about three times bigger than my old town.”



Kara’s Favorites

Food: Mom’s homemade white lasagna

Music: Anything except for country and rap music

Movie: The Avengers

Hobbies: Watching movies, television and reading books.


•Andre Hernandez ([email protected])