Aca Pella Awards


Show choirs held their annual awards banquet April 7 at Liberty Evangelical Free church. Awards were presented by seniors Tristan Miedema and Kathy Connolly as follows.


“Hips Don’t Lie” – Theresa Lauritsen; “She’s on a (Body) Roll” – Faith Van Wyngarden; “Got That Super Bass” – Will Lovell; “Loud and Proud” – Rachel Mueller; “110% Award” – Kayla Bentz; “One Hit Wonder” – Dante Vitullo; “Biggest Sweetheart” – Eleanor Witt; “Future President” – Maria Belding; “Miss Caring” – Jennifer Van Haaften; “Prettiest Face” – Mandy Nossaman; “Our Saxy Senior” – Amber Williams; “Most Photogenic” – Devin Mc Cain; “Go Getter” – Madi Van Gilst.


“She’s Bari Saxy” – Abby Riddle; “Always Positive and Thoughtful” – Klaire De Vos; “Miss Smiley” – Julie Van Ee; “Double Duty” – Macy Nossaman; “Big Heart Award” – Shanae Burch; “Sweet and Low” – Camille Henry; “Best at Getting Teacher Off Topic” – Nathan Chaplin; “Best Aca Hair” – Nicci Van Wyk; “Most Bubbly” – Pearl Doty; “Rock Star” – Sam Sharp.


“She’s a Gem” – Mariah Kooyman; “Happy Go Lucky” – Elyse Parisee; “Piano Man” – David Schemm; “Prettiest Smile” – Paige Miller; “Snicker Starter” – Allee Kowzan; “Relaxation Station” – Katie Bennett; “Little Miss Sunshine” – Kara Schaudt; “Best Attitude” – Sarah De Wolf; “High Class” – Victoria Karnes; “Wishes We Did 1D Songs” – Sarah Peterson; “Our Favorite Ginger” – Sarah Coppock; “String Me a Song” – Bryana Dawson; “Mama Bear” – Sarah Muller; “Friendly Neighbor” – Sara Maakestad; “Stage Man” – Travis Bouwman; “Best Hair” – Paloma Mate-Kodjo.


“Queen Candy” – Caitlyn Dixson; “The Million Award (to say ‘thanks a million’)” – Shelby Holdeman; “Most Improved Girl” – Sarah Killoren; “The Magic Man” – Robert Sales; “Best Dance Captain” – Tom Palmer; “Beardaliscious” – Tanner Phelps; “Next Broadway Star” – Jack Parisee; “Most Lovely Legs” – Alex Boots; “Always Tardy but Brings the Party” – Nathan Clayberg; “Accident Free” – Aaron De Joode; “Mr. Helpful” – Joel Yeager; “Mr. Caring” – Mark Vos; “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” – Joel Williams; “Chill Out” – Travis Dingeman.


“Next Tristan” – Mike Roozeboom; “Silliest” – Sam Yeager; “Best Nickname” – Travis Baker; “Handyman” – James De Young; “Ladies Man” – Mason Van Gorp; “Class Clown” – Nathan Henry; “Most Positive” – Davis Vande Steeg; “Caffeine Addict” – Alex Killoren; “Prettiest Voice” – Jake Van Gorp; “Moves Like Jagger” – Jarrod Martens; “Cutie Patootie” – Ben Lauritsen; “Mr. Nice Guy” – Jonathan Van Wyk; “‘Most Improved Boy” – Tate Petty; “2 Chainz” – Micah Criscuolo; “Is that Justin Bieber” – Nicholas Sult; “Let Me Take a Selfie” – Chase Chelsey; “Next Eminem” – Matthew Weihe; “James in Training” – Zach De Young; “Most Dedicated”  – Nathan Boldt; “Switcharoo” – Chase Winward; “Walk in Their Shoes” – Jessica Wieser; “Best of Both Worlds” – Lauren Ashworth.

 Hips Don’t Lie *VanWyngarden, Faith – She’s On A (Body) Roll William Lovell, bass – Got That Super Bass
*Mueller, Rachel – Loud and Proud *Bentz, Kayla – 110% Award Dante Vittulo, drum set – One Hit Wonder
Witt, Eleanor – Biggest Sweetheart *Belding, Maria – Future President Jennifer VanHaaften, drum auxillary – Miss Caring
*Connolly, Kathy Nossaman, Mandy – Prettiest Face Amber Williams, alto sax – Our Saxy Senior
McCain, Devin – Most Photogenic *VanGilst, Madi – Go Getter Abby Riddle, bari sax – Shes’s Bari Saxy
DeVos, Klaire – Miss Manners – always positive and thoughtful VanEe, Julie – Miss Smiley Macy Nossaman, trumpet – Double Duty
Burch, Shanae – The Big Heart Award Henry, Camille – Sweet ‘n Low Nathan Chaplin, guitar – Best at Getting Teacher Off Topic
VanWyk, Nicci – Best Aca Hair Doty, Pearl – Most Bubbly Sam Sharp, guitar – Rockstar
Kooyman, Mariah – She’s A Gem Parisee, Elyse – Happy Go Lucky David Schemm, synthesizer – Piano Man
Miller, Paige – Prettiest Smile Kowzan, Allee – Snicker Starter Katie Bennett, synthesizer – Relaxation Station
Schaudt, Kara – Little Miss Sunshine DeWolf, Sarah – Best Attitude Victoria Karnes, violin – High Class(ical)
Peterson, Sarah – Wishes We Did 1D Songs Coppock, Sarah – Our Favorite Ginger Bryana Dawson, viola – String Me A Song
*Muller, Sarah – Mama Bear Maakestad, Sara – Friendly Neighbor  Travis Bouwman – The Stage Man
Mate-Kodjo, Paloma – Best Hair Dixson, Caitlyn – Queen Candy  Shelby Holdeman – The Million Award (to say “thanks a million”)
Killoren, Sarah – Most Improved Girl  Robert Sales – The Magic Man
*Palmer, Tom – Best Dance Captain
*Phelps, Tanner – Beardaliscious
*Parisee, Jack – Next Broadway Star *Boots, Alex – Most Lovely Legs
*Clayberg, Nathan – Always Tardy but Brings the Party DeJoode, Aaron – Accident Free
Yeager, Joel – Mr. Helpful Vos, Mark – Mr. Caring
Williams, Joel – Kiss Me, I’m Irish Dingeman, Travis – Chill Out
Roozeboom, Mike – Next Tristan Yeager, Sam – Silliest
Baker, Travis – Best Nickname DeYoung, James – Handyman
VanGorp, Mason – Ladies Man Henry, Nathan – Class Clown / Brown
VandeSteeg, Davis – Most Positive Killoren, Alex – Caffeine Addict
VanGorp, Jake – Prettiest Voice Martens, Jarod – Moves Like Jagger
Lauritsen, Ben – Cutie Patootie VanWyk, Jonathan – Mr. Nice Guy
Petty, Tate – Most Improved Boy Criscuolo, Micah – 2 Chainz
Sult, Nicholas – “Is that Justin Bieber?” *Chesley, Chase – Let Me Take A Selfie
Weihe, Matthew – Next Eminem
DeYoung, Zach – James In Training
Boldt, Nathan (bass) – Most Dedicated
Winward, Chase (bass) – The Switcharoo
Wieser, Jessica (soprano) – Walk In Their Shoes
Ashworth, Lauren (soprano) – Best of Both Worlds