De Kruyff Signs as Red Raider


Senior Cody De Kruyff  signed his letter of intent to attend Northwestern and participate in football  April 3. De Kruyff was accompanied by some of his closest friends, families and coaches including seniors Derrick Akers and Dakota Schnell, who are also planning on attending Northwestern.

“Something that is going to be very special is sharing this college experience with Steen, Dak, and Der Bear. We’ve all be friends for so many years, I’m excited that the experiences don’t have to end after high school. I’m sure there will be lots of balling sessions, shenanigans, and great memories shared between all of us wise guys during our time at Northwestern,” said De Kruyff.

De Kruyff’s mother and uncle are both alum of Northwestern, but that was not the only factor that led De Kruyff to choose Northwestern over local Central College.

“There were a lot of factors that went into it. The way that faith is incorporated into the education is great, I think it is going to be a great play to grow in my faith. It also has a stelar education program and that is something that I am interested in studying. I also knew I would have the opportunity to play football there, so that was a big plus as well. It just felt like home whenever I visited Northwestern,” said De Kruyff.

Committing to be a college athlete requires more than training during the season, so offseason training has become a must for all collegiate athletes.

“As of right now (seniors) Nathan Clayberg, Lukas Steenhoek and I are trying to figure out how that is going to work. We might end up getting up early and lifting before the Pella High Football team at the high school. We plan on training in the high school with Coach Gray if we get the chance,” said De Kruyff.

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